FEBRUARY 22 - 25


Join us in Sedona this February for an all inclusive weekend of healing, retreat and awakening. Take this opportunity to connect with your tribe and your Higher Self in an intimate sacred setting. Vortex tours and trails, daily shamanic yoga and journey meditation, sauna, massage, intuitive readings, crystal healing, gallery hopping, shopping and dining in town and beautiful moments to go deep within in your own sacred space. Expect to leave this weekend transformed and in greater alignment with your purpose and your Highest Self.



Join Athena Allread, 200 RYT, Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner and Katie Oswald LMT, Reiki III, co-owners of Lanikai Wellness Studio for an all-inclusive weekend jam-packed with transformative healing experiences, sacred circles,  shamanic journey, crystal healing, intuitive readings, massage, aura photography & more!

Program Information

Flights and Transportation

Air fair is not included. The nearest airport is the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport which is located 120 miles and approximately 2 hours from Sedona. Affordable flights from Baltimore to Phoenix can easily be found online and range from $250-$350 price range. The Lanikai team shuttle will be transporting guests from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport to Sedona at 3:30pm Friday February 22nd. If you are unable to arrive in time for our shuttle, you can find alternate transportation either through Uber, Sedona Shuttle or others. We will be checking out of our lodge Monday morning at 10:30am and arriving to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at approximately 12:30pm. Please schedule your return flight for 2pm or later allowing for transitional time and airport check-in.


Retreat with us on this 1.2 acre sanctuary in the heart of Red Rock Country. Transformation Lodge offers over 3,000 square feet of living space, Wi Fi*, Direct TV, Jacuzzi, Covered Deck, 1.2 Acres of fenced yard, and Breathtaking Views of Cathedral rock, allowing for countless opportunities for respite and communion with nature. This spacious sanctuary will ensure a memorable experience for your family or group. Located just 5 minutes from both Red Rock State park, and Crescent Moon Ranch, and 12 minutes from West Sedona. Guests have full access to the Camp Avalon located nearby (swimming at your own risk). This lodge offers the ideal combination of privacy and easy access to the wonders of the Sedona area.

Food – On-site

Delicious vegetarian cooking by Sedona chef Rochelle Wellington, Rochelle’s extensive resume includes previously cooking at the Land of Medicine Buddha Retreat Center in Soquel, Ca, She will be on-site at the lodge preparing a delicious multicultural menu of fresh organic plant based goodness for each meal.


Sedona Spa Visit – Off-site

A visit to the steam room and sauna during a weekend of transformation is a powerful way to support any intention to release physical and/or emotional toxins standing in the way of alignment with your Highest Self. We will take an evening visit to the Sedona spa and partake in our choice of ‘heat’… Including our eucalyptus steam rooms, saunas, showers, whirlpools. A spa robe, sandals, towels and a locker will be provided upon your arrival.

Optional visit, No advance notice necessary $25/Day pass

Intuitive Readings – On-site

Gifted sedona psychic and certified theta healer Veronica Irons of the Sedona Center for the New Age, will be coming to the house for private sessions Sunday afternoon. Veronica provides a beautiful combination of Channeling, DNA Activation, Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive, Past Life Reading and more. Read more about Veronica here!

Please message us in advance if you’d like to book a reading with Veronica. $65/half hour
*Additional fees for private sessions

Massage – On-site

Katie is taking appointments for private massage and reiki sessions on-site at the Transformation lodge. A massage or reiki session can be very supportive in balancing and grounding the sometimes intense shifts that you will experience when visiting the vortexes. $45/half hour or $75/full hour.

Book your massage appointment in advance by messaging us at

Shamanic Healing – On-site

Athena is taking appointments for shamanic healing sessions on-site at the Transformation lodge. If you’re attending this retreat with the intent to truly step into fuller alignment with your Highest Self, if you are seeking direction from Spirit in physical healing or manifesting a certain life path, Athena can assist you with connecting deep within yourself to pull forward direct guidance from your Highest Self. $45/ half hour . $75/ full hour

Aura Photography – On-site

The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field that radiates from all matter. Everyone is made up of energy and we all have an aura that can extend 6 inches or more from the body. In an Aura Photo biofeedback probes pick up your energy field. The camera displays this information as a colorful field around your body. The colors actually reflect your physical and emotional state.

By viewing the human aura, one can tell if a person is healthy and vibrant, or drained of energy , depressed, tired or if there are unresolved relationship issues. A healthy Aura will be full and clear, while a small, cloudy aura can indicate a weakened immune system. By studying the colors of the aura, we can also see inherent talents and abilities and it is not uncommon to discover personal spirit guides, angels, deceased relatives, new pregnancies and past life impressions.

Sedona aura photographer Deborah Moss will be coming to the Lodge and offering $50 before/after aura photo sessions. Receive a keepsake photo of your aura when you arrive Friday night and how it Transforms before you leave Monday morning. If you would like to sign up for one, please let us know when you register at


Accommodation & Rates

$895 per person (Shared Room)  or $1295 per person (Private Room)

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• Transportation to and from airport
• 7 meals, excluding specialty drinks * Chef prepared raw & vegetarian menu
*All Meals included except Friday night dinner out in town

• Transportation to and from all sites
• Group tours of vortexes
• Daily yoga and shamanic journey meditation
• Art and shopping in town Sedona

Ready to register?

* Secure your spot with a $375 non-refundable deposit! Full balance due January 31st, 2019.