Past Life therapy

90 MIN $125

Trained with world renknowned leader in past life therapy regression Dr. Brian Weiss, Athena combines shamanic training and regression training and gifts of ‘sight’ into a what she calls tandem journey. Together you travel back in time to revisit your past and collect supportive memories and skills, leaving behind whatever is no longer serving you and gaining closure from past losses. Past life therapy can assist us with understanding present day fears, anxieties, illnesses, and relationship dynamics. There is much empowerment to be found in past life memories and there have been many miraculous healing recorded over time as the result of past life therapy regression. For more info, read any of Dr. Brian Weiss’s books or read up on the studies and research presented over the last 30+ years by the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine’s Division of Perceptual Studies here:

*Past life therapy is especially helpful for children combatting undiagnosed and unwarranted illness, fears and phobias, and depression.

Soul Retrieval

90 MIN $125

Soul Retrieval is a traditional Shamanic practice of the shaman or “seer” traveling back through time to retrieve lost or broken pieces of the soul, based on the premise that throughout time as we suffer various traumas and life experiences, parts and pieces of the soul break off. We don’t have to consciously know when or how it happened, the subconscious and our spirit helpers guide the journey back. In a typical soul retrieval session, you are led into a deeply relaxed state and together through guided visualization we journey back to retrieve and restore your lost parts. Soul retrievals are especially helpful with restoring the soul that has left the body in a traumatic abuse, accident, illness, or loss. Whilst we retrieve parts that were lost in traumas, we also retrieve the most empowering parts of ourselves that will best assist us in our present life circumstance. Following a soul retrieval, dreams may be more vivid, feelings heightened, rest may be needed and we discuss these. Clients report feeling more clear, feeling more empowered, and making movement on major life decisions where they may have previously felt stuck.