Swedish massage

60 MIN $85 • 90 MIN $125

We invite you to step away from your daily demands, take a calming breath and step into one of our treatment rooms. With the warming and gentle soft tissue manipulation of the body, allow our massage therapists to assist you in calming the body and nervous system, releasing tension,  and inviting in more space to breath.

The long gently guiding strokes of swedish massage gently redirects the blood flow back to the heart, improving and increasing blood circulation. Other benefits of swedish massage include mental and physical relaxation , decreased stress and muscle tension, improved range of motion, and can assist with pain management with regular treatment.

Add-on a custom aromatherapy infusion for $15 to incorporate the calming, rejuvenating, balancing effects of healing flowers and herbs

Deep Tissue Massage

60 MIN $125

Are you holding your stress and tension in your body? Allow one of our licensed massage therapists to dig deep into your fascia to sink in past the superficial tissue and into the deep where you are holding your pain, stress and trauma.  Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper manipulation allows for a deeper release of chronic muscle tension.

In our deep tissue massage we focus on helping you to release what's held and hidden deep within the layers of your muscular tissue, tendons and fascia. Deep tissue is especially supportive for individuals who are actively engaged in intense physical activity, like athletes and bodybuilders, and those who struggle with chronic tension.

Hot Stones Massage

A hot stone massage is a highly effective way to wake up and restore tired muscles and get grounded. This treatment brings together the benefits of using hot stones combined with the pressure and subtle muscle manipulation of a licensed massage therapist. The therapeutic heat of the stones helps to expand blood vessels allowing for greater and more direct flow.

Stones are a powerfully grounding element from the earth that can also assist you with feeling more grounded and present in your daily life.



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