We are a collection of three moms on a mission to hold loving space for you to reach into the depths and find whatever it is that you are seeking for your Self. Whether that be relief from pain, grief, trauma, or stress we are here to share our gifts of love, support, community, and sacred space.

Athena Allread

200 RYT , Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman

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Athena had been teaching yoga for several years when her mom got sick. After the traumatic loss of her mother she too had her own health battles. There were numerous doctors visits and invasive testing but no diagnosis. It was through a sense of desperation that she eventually sought out the help of a shamanic healer. Not only had she found the healing support she had been searching for, but Athena had met a mentor who would illuminate her gifts and change her life. Athena has completed The Medicine Womans Core Shamanic Training, Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth Training, training with Dr Brian Weiss in Past Life Therapy Regression and amongst her favorites. Today Athena uses her gifts and light hearted approach to working with Spirit to assist others in physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Erin Shivone

LMT, 200 RYT

While living in Spain in 2006, Erin received a massage from a friend that triggered an emotional release and unfoldment of taking steps in the direction of some major life changes. This experience also triggered a deep knowing and understanding of the layers of spiritual, physical and emotional bodies, nudging her further along the yogic path. Erin’s greatest take away from her combined yoga and massage therapy training and years of experience is the importance of holding loving space for her clients so that the natural healing can unfold.

Katie Oswald

LMT, Reiki III

Working in pain management for 7 years Katie found herself wanting to figure out what she could do to help people find holistic alternatives for relief. At the same time, she watched her grandparents age and noticed that they weren’t receiving touch anymore. Recognizing the importance of touch, she would gently wash their hair and hold their hands, which led her to become a licensed massage therapist and certified reiki practitioner. Katie now brings her gift of quietly and gently supporting her clients in relaxing and activating the bodies natural healing powers.

Dr. Pinky Bora Saikia


Dr Pinky Bora Saikia is Board Certified in Internal Medicine by ABIM. After having completed medical residency in India in 2000, she came to the US to pursue further medical training. She then graduated from former University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey(now Rutgers University) in 2009. She is an established and highly skilled physician with over 10 years of experience in Internal Medicine,offering services to Delaware community for over 7 years.

“My passion is driven by the early bond I built with my grandfather who was a Ayurvedic medicine Practioner. I assisted him in his traditional house visits to patients over the course of their lives and inspired bythe enjoyment he held in keeping them healthy. As a result of that journey I am now looking forward to treating people with overall care that includes physical and emotional health. I am an ardent yoga seeker and have completed inner engineering offered by Isha Foundation and practice daily “Shambavi Kriya” to balance work and life.