60 MIN $85 • 90 MIN $125

Reiki - The Japanese art of hands over healing to bring peace and balance to the physical and energetic body. Fully clothed and lying down, your practitioner gently passes their hands over key chakra and energy center points on and around the body.

Crystal Therapy

60 MIN $85 • 90 MIN $125

Stones, gems and crystals are powerful helpers of the earth. They emit beautifully powerful frequencies that translate into a language of their own. Their frequencies can interact with your own, working to clear, balance, and release energies caught in your body as well as translating those energies and frequencies into a language that Athena can understand and translate back to you. This is how she is also  able to perform ‘crystal readings’. She reads and translates the frequencies emitted by these helpers, specifically for you. In a crystal therapy session, the crystals will be laid on and around the body as they work to restore balance inside and out (on the auric level). Clients often report feeling physical sensations, coolness, warmth, tingles, numbness, and more as the crystals do their work.

Energy / Chakra Balance

60 MIN $85 • 90 MIN $125

Our bodies are incredibly complex systems of physical and energetic mechanisms all operating separately but in tandem… All connected. Think of an electrical panel circuit or computer motherboard. In the computer there is a central processing unit (CPU) and memory… Very much like your own system. Your soul acts as the CPU, and you carry all of the memories of this life and others within your system. Your energetic body consists of complex systems of meridians which are what I call ‘energy veins’ and chakras and energy centers all spread throughout the body and mind. You have an auric field surrounding you which also houses and contains the energy of others, sometimes unwanted. In an energy balance session, Athena works with the reiki energy, stones, and guided visualization to clear, balance and restore your systems to optimum performance, similar to a computer system reboot.

Energy Balance & Reading Combo

90 MIN $125

In this session you'll get your energy balanced and leave feeling clear on whatever has been bogging you down. And energetic balance session works on the auric and chakra level and clears any unwanted energies out of your system sometimes we pick up 'muck' from others and from our own thoughts and need a little clearing out.

An intuitive reading with Athena provides you some clear insight into whatever topics have been at the forefront of your mind, and some empowering action steps for moving forward. Whether it's love, work, money or general stress that's got you bogged down, this session will give you just the pick me up that you need

Massage and Energy Healing for Kids & Teens

45 MIN $65

Children feel deeply and suffer from many of the stressors and emotional imbalances we adults experience today and benefit from the unique and individualized approaches and tools provided by our team. These unique and individualized practices are especially supportive if your child is combatting anxiety, depression, adhd, and other extreme sensitivities.

Parents are welcome to sit in and share during session. We encourage you to stay if your child is most comfortable with you being present. Commonly teens will opt out of having you stay after a first session, and if they prefer you not be present we do share insight for you as parent and encourage the teen to share as well so that the two of you can continue to process and spot the ‘signs’ and utilize the tools that come up following our sessions.

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